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I have worked for over 10 years in a secondary school delivering counselling in Birmingham to students aged 11-16. I have experience of delivering groups as well as working 1:1 to both students and staff.  I have also delivered training to staff from various schools as well as to trainee teachers.

Services for Students

Counselling in schools can improve attendance, grades, resilience and concentrations as well as reducing risks of students developing difficulties with their emotional wellbeing and mental health. If students are identified as struggling with their mental health counselling can help with developing strategies and reducing symptoms.

I have vast experience of working with the following issues:







Domestic Abuse

Exam Stress

Self Harm


Young Carers

Mindfulness can help to improve focus and concentration as well as lift mood and reduce anxiety. I offer a 6 week Mindfulness program to provide young people with the skills to manage day to day challenges, reduce stress, anxiety and increase mood and confidence. The course lasts for 1 hour each week and is for up to 10 students. The program is useful for those with:


Anger Management




Exam Stress

Services for Staff

Understanding Attachment

Students that are insecurely attached will struggle to respond to usual behaviour strategies and sanctions that will be effective for the majority. These students take up a lot of resources and time. If staff are given the understanding and strategies to work with students with insecure attachment they will be able to prevent situations from escalating, saving valuable time and resources.

This training will help staff to understand more about Attachment relationships and strategies that can be used to support students in school

Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing 

Understanding more about the different types of mental illness can help staff to identify the early signs of emotional and mental distress in students.

This training will give staff the confidence to have helpful conversations with students and make decisions about the steps they need to take to put early interventions in place. Staff will learn to identify students that are most vulnerable to developing emotional and mental health difficulties, and will then think about protective factors that can be put in place.

Staff Wellbeing

As increasing numbers of staff are leaving the profession due to increasing demands and workload. Looking after your staffs’ wellbeing has never been more important.

This training will focus your staffs’ minds on what they can do to take care of themselves, whilst managing their work effectively.

Staff will learn to recognise the signs of burn out and stress in themselves and in each other. They will also develop their own strategies to manage the demands of their workload.


1:1 Counselling for staff or students    £45

Full day Counselling for staff or students    £200

6 week Mindfulness Group for staff or students    £300 

Staff Training    £50-£200

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