Stress Management

Stress is an important and useful part of life as long as it is managed in a healthy way.  Stress is a physical response to threat that is responsible for survival.  If we are faced with danger or a threat our body takes immediate action to prepare us to deal with whatever we are facing. […]

Letting Go

In my role as a Counsellor and Mindfulness teacher in Birmingham, I see people struggling with the question of how to let go and move on after a hurt, trauma or loss.  Letting go is a difficult thing to tackle.  If successful in doing so however, letting go is hugely powerful and is a must […]

Mental Health Awareness Day

There has been a lot in the media this week about Mental Health as it was Mental Health Awareness Day on Tuesday 10th October.  It is fantastic that Mental Health is highlighted at this time of year and awareness raising days can really help to reduce stigma. However, what about the other 364 days of […]